Going through the woods in search of the Truffle, be it black or white, is certainly one of the most intense and exciting experiences that the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero area can offer. Vacchina Piercarlo Truffle Hunting, specialized in this type of activity for over 10 years, offers you the opportunity to participate in this wonderful experience with different types of service.

Simulated Hunt

The hunt is simulated because truffles are previously buried by the hunter. Since the hunt takes place in a natural truffle setting, during the hunt we may also find spontaneoulsy grown and mature tubers.


Basic rate: 100,00 € plus 10,00 € per person for each participant.
For example: 2 people 120,00 € (total amount), 3 people 130,00 € , 4 people 140,00 €.
Big groups (more than 30 people) are usually split in two.
Translation service by expert assistant: 100,00 € per group.

True Hunt

La “cerca” (true hunt) is carried out by a “Trifulau” (truffle hunter) helped by his faithful and well-trained dog. Starting from the meeting point la “cerca” will go on towards the first, available “tartufaia” (truffle setting). The path will be selected by the hunter according to the customer’ needs. For this kind of hunt, we suggest early morning or night.


Rate: 100,00 € per hour, minimum 2 hours. Maximum 4 people.
Due to the nature of the experience, kids are not admitted.
Translation service by expert assistant: 100,00 € per group.

Prices above do not include VAT (22%).

PLEASE NOTE: truffles found during every kind of hunt are property of the hunter.

The truffle hunt is available all year round, weather permitting, but we recommend the following periods:

Black truffle: all year round except April and May.
Alba White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico): October, November, December and January.

Info and quotations

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